Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Bit Country

I've never really been a fan of country music, but lately it has been growing on me a lot. Taiyo likes it, and so we've been listening to the local country station lately, and I must say I'll openly admit that I like it now. I'm still not into the old style real twangy kind, but the modern poppish country is nice. It's catchy and the themes of the songs are often a whole lot better than what you hear on other types of popular music these days. I mean, it's so refreshing to once in a while hear a guy singing a love song to his wife, rather than to the stripper or bartender at the local club. I guess my conversion is official now that I'm listening to it while I'm home alone with Soni and Taiyo's at work!

1 comment:

The Tafuna Family said...

oh sam.....poor poor sam. you got sucked in....
im still a fighter!! boo country music!! lol