Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pregnancy Update - 31 Weeks!

I haven't been taking many pictures of myself this pregnancy, but here is a quick, late-night photo of my belly at 31 weeks, just so I have something to look back on!
At my 24-week prenatal checkup my OB told me that my fundal measurement (measuring over the top of the belly) was about average for 30 weeks! At 28, I measured 32. At 30, I measured 34. And my glucose test came back normal, so that was ruled out. So she finally decided to have me get another ultrasound to see if the baby was really that big, or if there's too much amniotic fluid, or it's just the way I'm carrying, or what. So I had another ultrasound last week. I already had one at 19 weeks and baby was measuring right on (just 3 days ahead of average). This time, he was measuring almost two weeks (12 days) ahead. And they estimated that he weighs about 4lb 8oz already! 

The ultrasound doctor asked how much Soni weighed at birth and when I told him 8-4, he said that he thinks this one will be bigger. But otherwise everything looks great and healthy and normal! :) I'm just growing a big, healthy baby. I guess the other two weeks size difference in my belly is just ME! haha.

Overall I'm still feeling pretty good, although my discomfort level is rising as my insides get more squished. I have to roll myself out of bed, I get the normal aches and pains, and I get tired sooo easily. But, just like with Soni, I am enjoying it overall. I still think it's amazing to feel a little baby moving inside my belly. 

We're looking forward to baby boy #2 joining our family in a couple of months!


The Tafuna Family said...

You look so good!!!! Beware of them getting your hopes up about big babies and early delivery. They did the same with with both my boys, said they were measuring weeks ahead and would come early. Not even, they were 2 weeks late!

Taiyo And Samantha said...

Haha Sarah, yeah I've been wondering if he'll come early, but I guess maybe not! Maybe he'll just take his time and be huge!
When are you due again? Good luck with your baby girl!!