Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Aho Mahu'inga

August 23, 2008 Taiyo and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Laie, Hawaii temple. We were so excited that his parents, Mateaki and Tu'iniua Palefau were able to come from Tonga to be with us!

They brought a huge 30-ft woven mat with our names woven into it!!! It was so beautiful!

Our colors were yellow and orange, and I loved the warm, light, tropical feel of it all.

Now we've been married for just over a month and we're loving it! Even though we both had to jump into classes just four days after our wedding, we've still been having lots of fun together.


Nicole said...

Congratulations!!! so.....when you live in paradise, where do you honeymoon?
ps Chicago,IL temple for us.

Taiyo And Samantha said...

Thanks for the congrats! And as for the honeymoon, we just stayed in Waikiki for a couple nights before school started up again, but we're hoping to be able to go to Tonga soon!

John and Casey Matern said...

darling! welcome to the world of the blog!! i love that you have one! now i can keep tabs on you guys haha!