Thursday, October 2, 2008


I attended my first enrichment as a married lady this week! lol... We made little wooden plaque things with our 7 ward goals painted on them, so hang on our walls.

1. Daily Prayer
2. Daily Scripture Study
3. Weekly F.H.E.
4. Weekly Date Night
5. Monthly Temple Attendance
6. Monthly Fast
7. Charity

I was in a rush because I had to leave early to go to work (I tutor statistics) but I was surprised that it turned out somewhat descent, and even Taiyo really seemed to like it when I showed him that night! hehe...

Yay for family ward Relief Societies! And for me being one of the married ladies! lol...

*Disclaimer: Any and all creativity that may emerge out of me at random times is attributable to my mom

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Misi said...

You did a GREAT job Sam. You're awsome.