Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sinalei or Larry?

Look what I found!

You know what that means! heehee...Taiyo and I found out on Wednesday that we are expecting our first baby! I know it was quick but we're excited! I sent text messages to my mom, dad and sister, saying "Hi Grandma :)", "Hi Grandpa :)", and "Hi Aunty :)" and I immediately got text replies back from my mom and sister like "Don't tease me, my heart is pounding!"

After a few minutes they called me and we talked for a while. While I was talking to my mom I got a text message from my dad simply saying "Sinalei or Larry?" LOL. We decided a while ago that we would name our first daughter Sinalei Marie Palefau. But we haven't thought of a boy's name yet. So far that text message is the only thing I've heard from my dad, but I talked to my mom again today and she said she's getting really excited and my dad is too. It's starting to get fun. I can't wait til the 2nd trimester though when I can start feeling it inside me! :D

Now I guess I don't have to say I'm full palangi, because now I have "a little Tongan in me!" LOL... I crack myself up sometimes... jk.

Hooray for eternal families!


John and Casey Matern said...

Sam, I'm so excited for you guys! Being pregnant is so much fun (except for the sick part) and when the baby is finally here, it's that much better! Love you guys!

Kyle, Julie and Braylon said...

What a huge change! Be sure to keep us updated on how things go for you and when (if) you find out the gender. Its definitely more of a life change than getting married, but well worth it.