Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I love my husband

[[ EDIT: I saw a "Dedication to my Husband" type post on my cousin Casey's blog several months ago and thought it was cute, and I just decided since I recently posted this entry simply saying that I love Taiyo, I should add to it and say a little more. So After the picture of him is the little survey I stole from Casey's wall. :) ]]

I just feel like shouting from a mountain top right now how much I love Taiyo. But, I've tried to climb to the top of the mountains here in Hawaii before and I didn't make it. :( So blogger will have to be my mountain for now. I love Taiyo!

This is him on V-day. He's so cute. :D

~What is his name:
Taiyo Kaliopasi Palefau

~How long have you been married:
6 months!

~How long did you date:
From the time we started dating to the time we got married was 7 months.

~Who eats more sweets:
Definitely me. Especially now. I crave sweets all the time. Taiyo's more of a milk and bread for a snack kind of guy.

~Whose parents do you see most:
Well, we went to Arizona for a couple days before we got married to meet my family, and then they came to Hawaii for one week for the wedding... Taiyo's parents came to Hawaii for the wedding too and stayed for a couple months with an uncle nearby, so we probably saw them more frequently, but I'd say it comes out to about equal so far. (Although as of this coming June we'll see my family MUCH more.) Hopefully we'll be able to go visit all his family in Tonga soon.

~Who said I love you first:
Taiyo did. Very soon after we started dating. And although I wasn't usually one to feel that way or throw that phrase around so fast, I reciprocated honestly.

~Who is taller:
Taiyo :D I've always been above average height for a girl, nearly 5'9", but Taiyo is a good 6'0". Sometimes it seems like he is even taller than that when I stand next to him. Our kids will probably be tall too!

~Who is smarter:
Haha well it depends on what you're talking about. I think we compliment each other well in our different areas of knowlendge. Since we grew up in completely different worlds, we know different types of things and I love when he teaches me about something I didn't know. When it comes to math, we both enjoy it, but I'm good at algebra and statistics, while Taiyo is a calculus genius, so we have all the grounds covered there.

~Who does the laundry:
It's technically my duty, but Taiyo often offers to walk with me to the laundry room and help carry the clothes and detergent, especially now that I'm not supposed to lift really heavy things too often. When the clothes are done I'm usually the one to put them away, although Taiyo helps sometimes too.

~Who does the dishes?
If I can motivate myself to do them right away, I will. If not, they sit for a little while and then whichever one of us finds time to do them between classes and things will do it. I can't wait until I'm done with school and don't have so many different things going on at once, so I can focus on just being a good wife and mom!

~Who pays the bills?
The money we bring in is half and half, but I'm the one who pays the bills when they come.

~His guilty pleasure:
Maybe his love for Dixie Chicks and David Archuletta! He can listen the song "Crush" over and over and over...

~Who sleep on the right side of the bed:
He does, for no particular reason. That's just how it turned out. Actually I think when we first got married I asked him which side he wanted to sleep on and he pointed to the left side, but for some reason we ended up sleeping the other way that night and ever since then...

~Who has more friends:
Probably Taiyo. He's so good with people skills and being friendly, whereas I'm super shy around people I don't know or don't know very well. He's especially good at making friends with all the Japanese people he meets. For some reason they just love him and he loves to make them laugh, lol.

~Who cooks dinner:
Oh gosh... I wish I was a good cook but I'm horrible! lol... I'm really trying though. I keep trying new things to try to find things that I can make that Taiyo likes. Taiyo has taught me how to cook some of the Tongan foods he likes, so I do that once in a while too.

~Who is more stubborn:
I wouldn't call Taiyo stubborn but between the two of us he might be just a little more than me. I just hate confrontation so I always try to avoid it.

~Who kissed who first:
Taiyo kissed me first. The same night he told me he loved me he kissed me. Then he said, "do you want this love to last forever?" It was so soon I wasn't expecting that kind of thing, but I immediately started thinking about what it would be like to really spend our lives together. And it all progressed from there. :)

~Who asked who out first:
I guess you could say it was me, although I didn't really ask him out, I just kind of crashed a little get-together (which I LATER found out was supposed to be a double date trying to hook Taiyo up with another girl, lol...) I saw him sitting with some people outside the dorms one Sunday night so I stopped to talk to them, mostly so I could talk to T. They told me they were going to walk to the temple VC and watch the Joseph Smith movie. One of the girls asked if I wanted to come along (the one who was trying to get set up with T), and I gladly said yes. He ended up sitting with me during the movie and we flirted a lot that night, and by the end of the night he had his arm around me and we were listening to General Conference talks about Eternal Marriage on his friends IPod! lol.

~Who proposed:
There wasn't really a single proposal since he asked me so early in our dating "do you want this love to last forever?" That's what got us talking about marriage and we agreed that we did want it to last forever. He called my dad a few weeks later to ask for permission to marry me. Then we planned a trip to Arizona to meet my family and just before we left, he took me to a jewelry shop and had me pick out a ring. While we were at the airport in Honolulu he officially said "will you marry me?" and I started wearing the ring and I guess that's when it became "official".

~Who has more siblings:
Taiyo! He's the 7th of 10. I'm the oldest of 3.

~What is your favorite thing about him:
He makes me smile and laugh every day. I love it when he says or does something sweet out of the blue, or suddenly starts dancing at home or in the car, in his own unique dancing style with his super cute smile to make me laugh. He's always doing all the little things every day that remind me how much he loves me and make me feel that falling in love feeling so strongly over and over again.


Heather said...

This is such a cute survey! I can't wait till you guys come to Tucson so we can catch up.

John and Casey Matern said...

so cute!!! i love it! i can't wait to meet him and your little baby. hopefully someday soon. aren't husbands the best ever?!