Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's a BOY!

We had our ultrasound appointment this morning with Dr. Lyons in Kahuku. I was really excited about it. All went well and he printed out 6 pictures for us (2 of the gender-identifying limb, lol). Baby was really active during the ultrasound and kept moving all over the place. One second we would be looking at his side, like he was in a crawling position on his hands and knees, and the next second he was showing us the bottoms of his feet, and then the next second we were looking straight on at his bum with his legs spread out like he was mooning us, lol. Maybe he was just trying to show us that we was a boy. And an acrobatic one at that. Future rugby player maybe??

We saw that it was a boy quite early in the ultrasound, and a big smile came over Taiyo's face. He has been cute about it today too. Right after the ultrasound I called my mom to tell her, and before I was done Taiyo had already posted that it was a boy on his facebook account. And when we were studying together later in the day he started singing, "I have a son~ I have a son~" with a big grin. :D

After taking all the measurements too and seeing how much he had grown already, the due date was changed to June 20 (from the 29th). He must be anxious to come out and meet us!


Heather said...

Yay! Congrats! That must be soo exciting!!

The Tafuna Family said...

yey yey yey yey i told you, i knew it.....congrats guys!!!!

kasey ferrell said...

Woo i have been waiting for this post! im so excited for ya!

John and Casey Matern said...

yeah sam! that is so awesome! now we need more belly pics!!!