Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ready to RUN!

We have a little lion toy that a baby can sit on and ride, or you can lift the seat and turn it into a handle for them to use as a walker when they get older. So far we've just let him hold onto the handle to stand while we hold onto the lion itself so it doesn't roll anywhere. I thought it would roll forward and he would face-plant into the handle or the floor. Today however, we found out that he can WALK with it! I was so surprised! I guess I shouldn't be though, he's always standing up against things every chance he gets and eyes the other little kids with envy who are running around playing. Grandpa and Taiyo think Soni will be walking by the end of March... we'll see about that! My prediction from the beginning was that he'd walk at 10 months, which will be in May. So maybe he'll take his first steps in April, right in between. :)


Nessa, Petu, & M&M said...

Pretty soon he'll be running! Cute video :)

Nike said...

So cute!