Saturday, April 17, 2010

My last post was 6 weeks ago. On that day I was surprised that Soni could sort of "walk" with the toy pushing walker. Now, he's really walking! He took his first real, unattended steps 4 days ago, but then didn't seem to want to do it again for a few days. Then suddenly today, he was ready to try again, and he doubled his distance and balance. :) A few times today he even stood up and started walking on his own when we weren't even near him or telling him to.

Well, that's my exciting story of the day. Or week. Or month!... But in other news:

*Our trip to Tonga is coming up in 9 weeks!! We're getting very excited. We're going to have Taisoni's first birthday party while we're there too. :D I bought some cake making supplies... now I just need to practice it before we go!

*We are enjoying teaching the 13 year old Sunday school class in our ward. :)

* We love going to Goodwill on Thursdays and looking for good $1 deals

Mmmm, that's all I can think of at the moment but I guess if I think of anything else I'll just write another post.

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