Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For a few months, I've been the teacher of the 12-13 year olds Sunday School class in the Tongan ward here. I have really enjoyed it. There's something about preparing and giving a lesson that makes the information penetrate you even more deeply than just hearing it as a student. And I have a true, deep desire to make a difference in these kids' lives. Every week I hope I can say something in a way that will get through to them. Maybe, just maybe, I can say something that one of them will remember as they go through their teenage years.

Now, I have been given an additional calling- Relief Society teacher. It's only once a month but it made me nervous! I taught for the first time this past week and I was definitely nervous about teaching an adult class. I'm naturally a shy person anyway, and I'm only 23. Many of the women are older than me, have grown kids of their own, and have more life experiences than me. What could I teach them?? I don't want to come across as a know-it-all or claim to think that they have need to learn from me. But what I remembered as I went through the lesson this past week is that teaching the Relief Society is more like guiding a discussion. There are always things in the lesson that might be new to one person or another, including myself, but just being able to contemplate gospel doctrines with other women, and talk about it and share experiences and feelings, is wonderful. I love Relief Society for that reason.

I am grateful for my callings.


Misi said...

Welcome fellow teacher. It is a nerve racking calling, but a great one. Which week do you teach?

Taiyo And Samantha said...

I didn't know you were a RS teacher too! :) I teach 3rd Sundays. Which week do you teach?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Sam! I would be nervous as well, but I can't wait to join a "real" family ward with women of all ages. I didn't know you guys joined the Tongan ward, I told Mone we're gonna try out the regular wards first and I get to decide if we go Tongan or not. But in Hawaii, I'm sure there are plenty Tongans in every ward anyways.