Thursday, February 2, 2012

He felt it!

Yesterday Taiyo felt the baby move in my belly for the first time. :D

Baby’s movements still feel pretty small, but are definitely becoming more frequent and distinct this week. Yesterday baby was the most active he/she has been yet. After work, I laid down for a rest with Taiyo and Soni, and baby started moving again. I put Taiyo’s hand on my belly, but I didn’t tell him that the baby was moving because I wasn’t sure if it was strong enough to feel from the outside yet. I just wanted to see if he would notice it on his own. Sure enough, after a minute, baby gave a pretty good sized (for 18-weeks) kick right up on the middle of my belly, right where Taiyo’s palm was. Right away he opened his eyes and picked up his head and looked at me with a confused smile that said, “did the baby just kick me?” So I asked him if he felt a kick right in the palm of his hand and he said yes. :) So exciting!

We’re entering my favorite part of pregnancy!

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Micki and Seth said...

That is SO fun! I can't wait until Evie can feel the baby! I think we are all still in a little bit of denial that there is an actual baby coming. HAHA! I'm so excited that our babies will be so close! I'm due July 11th so we are definitely going to have to do more activities together with our kids!