Saturday, January 17, 2009

17 weeks! (almost)

Actually I won't be 17 weeks until Monday but I went ahead and took my first "mama belly" picture today. :)

It doesn't look like an obvious baby belly yet but it's definitely popping out now as of this week! A week or two ago I started feeling the hard bump inside, and then it finally started pushing out. Every day this week I woke up feeling like it was bigger! I guess it will start growing faster and faster from here on out.

Pregnancy updates:
* I'm done with the first trimester and done with the nausea! yay!
* I did get a kidney infection a few weeks ago. That wasn't fun but I got on some antibiotics and things are all good now.
* I have an ultrasound scheduled for February 12! We can't wait to see how baby is growing and if it's a boy or a girl!
* A couple days ago for the first time I put on a pair of shorts and couldn't button them! Here comes the belly!

Other updates:
* School has started again so that means new classes for both me and Taiyo.
* I'll be graduating at the beginning of June! whew!
* Taiyo just got hired as a tutor in the BYUH math department, and he's very excited to be doing that instead of PCC security.
* The Laie Temple closed at the end of the year for renovations... for 1.5 years. :( The next closest temple is in Kona on the big island.
* Life is hectic but good :)


John and Casey Matern said...

yeah sam! keep the pictures a'comin!i'm so excited for you guys!

Lori Litchfield said...

Belly?? There is no belly there... It will come soon enough! I'm so excited and I can't wait to know if I should start buying PiNk or BlUe!!
LYM, Mom

The Tafuna Family said...

pretty girl, cant even tell you're pregnant. Now you gotta take a photo every week at the same place facing the same way. Then later on it's fun to look back at the photos and see how you grow.

Misi said...

You are beautifull. Now the fun really starts. Love you.